Despite the vote on Brexit of June 23rd 2016, the number of European students willing to come and study in the UK has not decreased. However, many questions remain as to whether their status will be affected.


What is certain is that until the academic year 2019/2020 EU students will pay the same amount of fees as British students, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level. In addition, they will be eligible for the same grants and financial support.

On top of that, students who have already begun their degree in the UK will not be affected, and will continue to pay the amount they agreed to pay before starting their studies.


Even the Erasmus programme will not be affected until 2020. In fact, EU students will be able to attend British universities for a maximum of 12 months. However, the British government has assured that the UK is willing to maintain its participation in the Erasmus programme.


It is uncertain whether European students will need to apply for a visa. As of now, only International students are obliged to possess a Tier 4 visa.

You can easily double-check if you need or don’t need a student visa at the following link: https://www.gov.uk/check-uk-visa.


So far, EU students do not need any type of visa. Things, however, might change after March 2019 when the UK officially leaves the Union. If required to apply for Tier 4 visa, EU students will have to show evidence of fluency in English as well as provide proof that they are able to pay their fees. In any case, when applying to a British University, EU students have to submit a translated copy of their secondary school certificate or a copy of their bachelor’s degree certificate.


What is going to happen?

Stay tuned… ?


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