Market research translation

Surveys provide important information about customers’ likes and dislikes and inaccurate translations can put at risk a whole market research campaign. We have more than 10 years’ experience in providing accurate translations in the field of market research, especially relating to the medical sector, working for major translation agencies in this field. Moreover, online translation platforms such as XTM and Wordbee allow us to offer a speedy and hands-on service which guarantees error-free results. Having dealt with market research translation for many years, we are also familiar with related services such as the translation of open-ended survey responses/verbatims, verbatim coding, online validation of surveys, back-translation, etc.

Market Analysis

Verbatim coding

Verbatim coding is a technique used in market research, consisting of the assignment of numeric codes to various words, phrases, ideas, sounds or pictures in order to permit the extraction and quantitative analysis of information and meaning. This task requires excellent knowledge of the languages in question as well as an understanding of the cultures involved. Verbatim coding is a specialised task whose significance is irrefutable given the importance of public opinion on every business choice. It permits an accurate and cost-effective interpretation of questionnaire answers, especially in multilingual research projects. We have extensive knowledge and experience in creating customised code frames (including nets and subnets), using verbatim coding software such as Ascribe or Codeit and working with other coders on multiple-market projects.

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