As indicated on the website of the Ministry of Education, the “Declaration of Value” is a document that certifies the value of a degree obtained in an education system other than the Italian one. It is drawn up in Italian and issued by the Italian diplomatic missions abroad (in the United Kingdom by the Consulate) “competent by area”, ie the closest to the city to the institution that issued the foreign certificate. In this document, the Consulate declares the value of educational / professional qualifications obtained in Great Britain with reference to the local law.

Which qualifications can be recognised?

Secondary School Qualifications: (G.C.S.E., Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced Level, Cambridge Pre-U);

First level academic qualifications: Bachelor's Degrees with Honours / Bachelor's Degrees / Professional Graduate Certificate in Education / Graduate Diplomas / Graduate Certificates / Foundation Degrees / Diplomas of Higher Education / Higher National Diplomas

Second level academic qualifications: Master's Degrees / Integrated Master's Degrees / Postgraduate Diplomas / Postgraduate Certificates

Postgraduate Certificate of Education / Bachelor of Education

Third level academic qualifications: Doctoral Degrees (e.g. PhD, DPhil, EdD)

Professional qualifications: NVQ (Level 3 to 8) such as a beautician, hairdresser, masseur, electrician, plumber, etc.

How can we help you?

Verification, authentication and legalisation of original documents – we will have your document authenticated by one of our trusted notaries (as requested by the Consulate, these are British notaries practising in the United Kingdom, who will proceed to verify the qualifications and verify that the institution in question is accredited, confirming it in the notarial certificate). The document will then be legalised by means of an Apostille.

Translation – certified translation of the qualification according to the consular requirements.

Shipping of the documentation to the Consulate – Once we have received all the documentation completed by you, we will send it to the Consulate via special delivery together with the legalized copy of the qualification and the translation, thus saving you a postal shipment. The Consulate will then contact you personally for the shipment and payment of the DV. In the meantime, we will return the original of the degree to you by international tracked mail or courier.

N.B. Please note that it is the customer’s responsibility to provide us with the correct documents as we do not provide support for services other than those listed.