Do you live in London but you don’t know where to start?

Living in London is hard – I’ve experienced it myself! This is a city that can make you struggle if you do not know how to face up to it. That is why I would like to put my knowledge of the city and its rules at your disposal. I could help you with all you need if you wish to rent/buy a house, register with your utilities providers, your bank, deal with tax, etc. However, please bear in mind that I will only provide you with useful means to understand these rules as I am not allowed to give you any specialised advice. However, I will be happy to refer you to some very knowledgeable experts in the field if necessary.

Or are you coming to London for the weekend and need an Italian interpreter who knows their way around?

I will be happy to take you around to discover what this beautiful city has to offer. And you won’t have to worry about anything. No risk of overpaying for your ticket or ending up eating in the wrong place, or even worse, going for a walk in a dodgy area. …and if you need help with your Cv and cover letter, why don’t you contact Cv&Coffee? 400dpiLogo

Woman in blue dress holds orange suitcase in hands